The Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting (TEMM) is the oldest and one of the most institutionalized mechanisms among all the current 21 trilateral minister-meeting-level consultative mechanisms. The three ministries have been holding the meeting on an annual basis since 1999 and achieved great results. Within this framework, the three countries aim to promote environmental management, to take a leading role in regional environmental management, and also to contribute to global environmental improvement. The three leaders adopted the Joint Statement of Environmental Cooperation at the 6th Trilateral Summit, and put stress on the necessity of continued and strengthened cooperation in addressing a range of common environmental problems in 9 priority areas.

The TCS also shares the understanding that Northeast Asia is one Environmental Community. By proving administrative and technical support to the meetings, following up to conduct projects assigned at TEMM, and exploring and implementing cooperative projects under the 8 priorities, the TCS is paving its way to make meaningful and substantial contribution to the TEMM mechanism.