TC Activities 2nd Trilateral Young Rural Leaders' Exchange Program (TREP) in Jeonbuk State of the Republic of Korea 2024.07.02 ~ 2024.07.05
On July 2nd to 5th 2024, Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) and Jeonbuk State co-hosted the 2nd Trilateral Young Rural Leaders' Exchange Program (TREP) in Jeonbuk State of the Republic of Korea. This program, themed “Agriculture Meets Modern Needs: Future Innovation Cooperation,” was supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) of Japan, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA) of the Republic of Korea (ROK). 

On July 3rd, the TREP program started with the Smart Farm Innovation Valley in Jeonbuk Gimje. Ms. Yoo Da-Gyeom, team leader of the Agri-Food Human Resources Division Institute, provided participants with an introduction to the facility and guided them on a tour. 

Following the tour of the Smart Farm facility, the program included a presentation by a graduate of the Youth Start-up Business Incubator Center. This was followed by discussions among the TREP participants, graduates, facility staff from the Smart Farm Valley, and students from the Korea National University of Agriculture and Fisheries. The group deliberated on the challenges and benefits of operating a smart farm. 

▲Group Photo at the Gimje, Smart Farm Innovation Valley 

On July 4th, the TREP program visited the Imsil Cheese Theme Park and the Sunchang Traditional Paste Museum. At the Imsil Cheese Theme Park, participants learned about the introduction of cheese to the Korean diet, which dates back to 1958 when a Belgian priest arrived in Imsil as a missionary, leading Imsil to become the cheese mecca of Korea. 

▲Site Visit to Imsil Cheese Theme Park 

In Sunchang-gun, KIM Jihoon, President of the Sunchang 4H Association, gave a presentation about his experiences as a farmer and his involvement with the 4H Association. Following the lecture, participants discovered the renowned taste and unique flavor of Sunchang gochujang (red pepper paste), which has been famous since the Joseon Dynasty. They had the opportunity to make and cook gochujang and Tteokbokki, experiencing firsthand the rich culinary tradition of the region. 

▲Presentation from Mr. KIM Jihoon, President of Sunchang 4H Association 

▲Making and cooking gochujang and Tteokbokki. 

On July 5th, the closing ceremony of the TREP was held in Jeonju. Ambassador KIM Dae-sik, President of the Jeonbuk International Cooperation Agency, celebrated the successful completion of the program and affirmed Jeonbuk state's ongoing support for young rural leaders. 

TCS Deputy Secretary-General YAN Liang extended his warmest congratulations, emphasizing TCS's commitment to serving as a platform for continued communication and cooperation among the three countries. 

During the ceremony, each participant shared their thoughts and lessons learned throughout the program. 

▲Group Photo 

The TCS hosted the 1st Trilateral Young Rural Leaders Exchange Program (TREP) in Anhui Province, China, last year. This year, the 2nd TREP was held in Jeonbuk State, ROK, under the theme of “Agriculture Meets Modern Needs: Future Innovation Cooperation.”