Others Xi’an-Seoul Artist Networking Reception Held in Seoul 2024.04.07
On April 7, the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) held Xi’an-Seoul Artist Networking Reception. The event aimed to strengthen exchanges and collaboration in the arts between China, Japan, and Korea, promoting the mutual prosperity and development of cultural arts among the three countries. TCS Deputy Secretary-General ZUSHI Shuji received the artist delegation, TCS Deputy Secretary-General YAN Liang, and Chinese Consul General ZHONG Hongnuo participated in the event. 

▲TCS Deputy Secretary-General ZUSHI Shuji met with LIU Xinfeng, Secretary of the Party Group, Xi'an Municipal Federation of Literary and Art Circles 

At the event, artists specializing in calligraphy, painting, and photography from Xi’an, China, gathered with their counterparts from Korea to showcase their artistic achievements. Chinese artists brought forth works imbued with rich Chinese characteristics in painting, calligraphy, and photography, demonstrating the profoundness of Chinese culture. Meanwhile, Korean artists showcased their unique traditional craftsmanship and modern art, reflecting the distinctive charm of Korean culture. 

▲TCS DSG ZUSHI Shuji having Group Photo with Xi’an Delegation 

During the exchange sessions, artists expressed their deepened understanding of each other’s cultures and arts through the event, fostering friendship and trust among one another. They expressed hopes for more opportunities for in-depth exchanges and cooperation in the future to jointly promote the prosperity and development of cultural arts between the two countries. 

▲TCS DSG ZUSHI Shuji, DSG YAN Liang, Chinese Consul-General ZHONG Hongnuo Taking Group photo with Korean artists 

TCS will continue to enhance exchanges and cooperation in the cultural arts field among the three countries, promoting the common prosperity and development of cultural arts and making greater contributions to fostering friendship and mutual trust among the people of the three countries.