Seminar & Forum 8th NTCT National Focal Points Meeting and 2024 NTCT Conference 2024.03.27
On 27th March 2024, the 8th Network of Trilateral Cooperation Think-Tanks (NTCT) Conference and 2024 NTCT Conference were held online, hosted by the Korea National Diplomatic Academy (KNDA). The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS), the China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU) and the Japan Forum on International Relations (JFIR) were also in attendance. TCS Deputy Secretary-General YAN Liang delivered opening remark and Director YAMAMOTO Tomotsugu delivered closing remark. 

DSG YAN expressed appreciation to KNDA, CFAU and JFIR for the support extended to trilateral cooperation across various sectors. He commended the diligent efforts of the Working Groups from KNDA, JFIR, and CFAU in overcoming the challenges posed by the pandemic in completing their Working Group reports. Furthermore, he looked forward to see continued collaboration among the three organizations in the future. 

The discussions during the National Focal Points Meeting focused on finalizing Working Group reports related to carbon neutrality, the RCEP, and security cooperation. Following finalization, at the request of the three organizations, the TCS agreed to assist the NTCT in delivering its policy recommendations to the CJK governments. 

In the afternoon session of the NTCT Conference, participants engaged in comprehensive discussions covering various areas of cooperation, including digital trade and collaboration with the ASEAN. Recognizing the increasingly intricate global landscape which challenges trilateral cooperation, attendees agreed on the necessity for further efforts to foster enhanced dialogue on the role and direction of trilateral cooperation among the three countries. 

In his closing remark, Director YAMAMOTO thanked experts from three organizations for their insightful discussions and appreciated three organizations’ effort in fostering academic exchange among researchers as well as compilation of the policy recommendation reports by Working Groups. He pointed out that comprehensive discussions were conducted on various areas of cooperation, encompassing digital trade and collaboration with ASEAN, and that insights shared during this conference on CJK cooperation were very thought-provoking and offered valuable inspirations and guidance for TCS’s future endeavors. 

The NTCT has been promoting academic exchanges between the three countries on various issues from politics to economy and culture. Both National Focal Points Meeting and the conference aim to enhance communications among scholars and provide constructive policy recommendations to CJK governments. The next NTCT is planned to be held at the end of 2024, hosted by the CFAU. 

▲DSG YAN giving Opening Remark 

▲NTCT National Focal Points Meeting 

▲NTCT Conference