Seminar & Forum DSG YAN delivered keynote speech at the CCOIC Special Lecture 2023.12.20
On December 20rd, the 3rd CCOIC Special Lecture is hosted in TCS Conference Hall. The forum is organized by the China Chamber of Commerce in Korea. DSG YAN is invited to deliver a keynote speech. 

In his Speech, DSG YAN emphasized the crucial role of China, Japan and the ROK within RCEP framework, and the importance of Trilateral Cooperation towards regional economic integration. He further introduced the history and mandate of TCS, and its economic related programs, including the Trilateral Entrepreneurs’ Forum, RCEP Seminar, and so on. 

Experts from economic institute and law firms also attended the lecture and discussed about how companies can make good use of RCEP rules. 

▲Group Photo 

▲DSG YAN delivers his speech