Seminar & Forum Deputy Secretary-General ZUSHI Shuji Delivered Remarks at China-Japan-ROK Trilateral Youth Knowledge Contest 2023.11.25
On November 25, 2023, Deputy Secretary-General ZUSHI Shuji of the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) delivered a congratulatory video message at the opening of the China-Japan-ROK Trilateral Youth Knowledge Contest. 

In his remarks, Deputy Secretary-General ZUSHI reiterated the importance of youth exchange on enhancing mutual understandings of the three countries as young people have less stereotypes and are more open to each other. He encouraged the young participants to deepen their friendships with each other and bring fond memories back home, helping to further solidate the foundation of the friendly and future-oriented trilateral relations. 

The Knowledge Contest was hosted by Shandong University of China, and TCS is the supporter of the event. Under the theme of “Trilateral Cooperation: Present, Challenges and Future,”14 young contestants from Shandong University, Wasada University and Sungkyunkwan University made speeches on various topics and contested for the awards. Mr. LI Guanyu, Director of Socio-Cultural Affairs of TCS, participated as the judge and commentator. 

▲Deputy Secretary-General ZUSHI Shuji is delivering congratulatory remarks. 

▲Director Li Guanyu is making comments.