Mechanisms 24th Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting (TEMM24) in Nagoya, Japan 2023.11.04
On November 4th, 2023, Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) delegation headed by Secretary-General LEE Hee-sup participated in the 24th Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting (TEMM24) in Nagoya, Japan. In addition to the Ministers Meeting, TCS also had two bilateral meetings with Mr. ITO Shintaro, Minister of Environment of Japan, and Mr. HUANG Runqiu, Minister of Ecology and Environment of China. 

At TEMM24, the Ministers presented environment policy achievements of their respective countries and exchanged views on future environmental cooperation in the region. The meeting also discussed the implementation status of the Tripartite Joint Action Plan (TJAP) 2021-2025, which includes eight Priority Areas such as air quality improvement and climate change. The Ministers examined the outcomes of these areas and commended the achievements of the past year. In the following session, the Joint Communiqué was adopted, which acknowledges the contribution of TCS under the framework of TEMM. The document also recognized two TCS programs, the Trilateral Environmental Teachers Exchange Program (TTEP), and the Carbon Neutrality Forum. 

After the adoption of the Joint Communique, SG LEE had the opportunity make brief remarks to iterate the significance of TEMM’s long history and anticipated that its success will be a strong foundation for revitalizing trilateral cooperation in the post-Covid era. He also added that TCS is operating various projects that support TEMM, and promised to continue the support for TEMM in future practices. 

During the TEMM period, TCS also had bilateral meetings with the Ministers of Japan and China. On November 3rd, SG LEE met with Mr. ITO Shintaro, Minister of Environment of Japan, to thank the Ministry for their continued support to TCS. Minister ITO also expressed his appreciation to TCS for its long contribution to the environmental cooperation in CJK and hoped to continue the close ties between TCS and TEMM. 

Additionally, SG LEE had a meeting with Mr. HUANG Runqiu, Minister of Ecology and Environment of China on November 4th. SG LEE introduced the achievements of TTEP and the Carbon Neutrality Forum which both the Ministry of Ecology and Environment has participated and supported. Minister HUANG commended TCS for its critical role in coordinating CJK programs. He especially requested that environmental projects to be the center of trilateral cooperation, as TEMM has the longest history in trilateral mechanisms. Both bilateral meetings concluded with promises of furthering future cooperation between the two parties. 

Prior to the Ministers Meeting, The TEMM Youth Forum was held from November 2nd to 4th as the official side event of TEMM24. SG LEE delivered congratulatory remarks at the opening session, encouraging the future generation to take concrete action for environmental protection. The outcomes of the Youth Forum was presented at the 3rd session of TEMM. 

The Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting was initiated in 1999, and TCS has been participating as an observer since TEMM16 (2014). The 25th TEMM will be held next year in the Republic of Korea. 

▲Secretary-General LEE Hee-sup delivering remarks at the Ministers Meeting (shown on right hand side screen) 

▲Bilateral meeting with Minister ITO Shinatro of Ministry of Environment of Japan 

▲Bilateral meeting with Minister HUANG Runqiu of Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China 

▲Secretary-General LEE Hee-sup delivering congratulatory remarks at the TEMM Youth Forum