May 30, 2023

Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat Celebrated ‘TCS Day’ at Chenggye Plaza, Seoul

TCS Unveils Official Mascot names and Showcases Commitment to Peace and Cooperation 


(Seoul, May 30, 2023) – On May 30, 2023, the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (hereinafter referred to as “TCS”) hosted ‘TCS Day’ at the Chenggye Plaza, Seoul. TCS Day was held to jointly commemorate the 13th anniversary of the “Memorandum on the Establishment of the TCS” signed by the governments of China, Japan, and the ROK in Jeju on May 30, 2010. 


During the Opening Ceremony, Deputy Director General Mr. KANG Young-shin from the ROK MOFA, Deputy Chief and Minister Mr. FANG Kun from the Chinese Embassy, and Minister Mr. YAMAMOTO Mondo from the Japanese Embassy delivered congratulatory remarks. Former TCS Secretary-General SHIN Bong-kil also attended the ceremony to celebrate TCS Day. 


Deputy Secretary General BEK Bumhym said in his opening remarks that the three countries have consistently strived to establish cooperative organizations and inter-governmental consultation mechanisms over the years. DSG BEK said, "In the future, the TCS will spare no effort to promote lasting peace, common prosperity, shared culture in the region, and deepen trilateral cooperation in various areas" in her opening remarks. 


The names of the TCS mascot, Crested Ibis, a bird symbolizing cooperation among China, Japan, and the ROK, were revealed at the TCS Day. It is an emblem of friendship to maintain the positive momentum of promoting trilateral cooperation. The names of the mascot were submitted with the participation of citizens from the three countries. The English name ‘Tribi’, the Chinese name ‘huán huán(鹮鹮)’, the Japanese name ‘Tokky(トッキー)’, and the Korean name 'Yeonwoo(연우)' were selected. These four names represent the meaning of friendship and cooperation between the three countries. Following the announcement, various performances took place, including a calligraphy performance showcasing the word of the year, 'Harmony(和合),' as well as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean jazz and dance performances. Additionally, there were photo exhibitions that reflected on the journey of TCS in promoting cooperation between China, Japan, and the ROK, along with an exhibition featuring the ‘Culture City of East Asia’ Media & Internet Celebrities Tour, which was held in April. These events at Cheonggye Plaza garnered attention from the public. 


TCS introduced significant projects such as Trilateral Youth Exchange Network (TYEN), Trilateral Statistics Hub(TSH), and Trilateral Common Vocabulary Dictionary & Workbook(TCVD/TCVW) through exhibition booths. It served as a meaningful venue for citizens to learn about the culture, economy, and youth exchange between the three countries. TCS expressed its commitment to continue implementing various projects aimed at seeking peace and harmony in this region. 


▲ DSG BEK delivering Opening Remarks 


▲ Deputy Director General of ROK MOFA Mr. KANG Young-shin delivering Congratulatory Remarks 
▲ Minister of the Chinese Embassy Mr. FANG Kun delivering Congratulatory Remarks 
▲ Minister of the Japanese Embassy Mr. YAMAMOTO Mondo delivering Congratulatory Remarks 
▲ TCS Mascot Name Revealing Ceremony 
▲ Group Photo 
▲ Calligraphy “和合” Performance 
▲ CJK Jazz music performance