Promoting peace and co-prosperity among
China, Japan, and the Republic of Korea
Mechanisms TEMM22 Director-General Meeting (Teleconference) 2020.09.25

On 25 September 2020, the TCS delegation headed by Deputy Secretary General KANG Do-ho, participated in the TEMM22 (The 22nd Tripartite Environment Ministers’ Meeting) Director-General Meeting held online. Director-Generals from the Ministry of Environment of the ROK (the host secretariat), the Ministry of Environment of Japan and the Deputy Director-General from the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China, attended the meeting to review the progress of trilateral environmental cooperation and to discuss pathways toward the TEMM22 that will be held in Cheongju, Korea in November 2020.


In the opening remark, Deputy Secretary General KANG Do-ho appreciated the host country for their efforts to prepare for the successful TEMM22. DSG Kang also highlighted the importance of trilateral environmental cooperation as it directly affects the lives of people in the region. He also emphasized that TCS is fully ready to participate in the Trilateral Joint Action Plan (TJAP) and also provide support for the ministries. 


A day prior to the Director-General meeting, on 24 September, Director Nagafuchi gave an opening remark at the working level meeting held online. Directors from the three ministries discussed the logistics and details of the upcoming Ministerial meeting. Most importantly, the three parties further discussed ways to develop TJAP2020-2025 based on the lessons learned from the previous Joint Action Plan. TCS expressed its willingness to engage in the ministry-initiated environmental cooperation project, and the three parties also highly recognized TCS’s continuous contribution. 



▲ DSG Kang giving Opening Remark 


▲ TEMM22 Director-General Meeting (Teleconference) 


▲ Director Nagafuchi in discussion at Working-level Meeting