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SOCI | TCS Participated in the East Asian Cultural Cities Network Forum in Gwangju, ROK – 2017.11.29

On November 29, 2017, the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) participated in the East Asian Cultural Cities (EACCs) Network Forum held in Gwangju, ROK. Under the theme of “Towards the Possibility of East Asian Cultural Community”, the Forum invited the representatives of EACCs of the three countries, including Gwangju, Cheongju and Jeju of the ROK, Quanzhou of China, Yokohama of Japan as well as the experts of the regional cultural exchange & cooperation. Ms. QIAO Wen, Director of Socio-Cultural Affairs of the TCS was invited to the Forum as a session speaker.

Director QIAO Wen delivered a presentation on the “Trilateral Cooperation and EACCs”. In the presentation, she talked about the development of the trilateral cooperation and recapped the progress of the EACC program. Based on the comparison between EACCs and other cultural capital initiatives around the world, Director QIAO made suggestions on how to consolidate the EACC network in the future. She also emphasized TCS’ continued commitment to the development of the EACC program and network.

The participants of the Forum shared the good practices of the previous EACC programs of the three countries in “Session 1. Rediscovery of the East Asian Identity: Case of the EACCs of the Three Countries” and discussed the future development of the EACC network in “Session 2. EACC, Exchange Cooperation and New Watersheds”. The Forum served as an effective platform where the Cultural Cities of the three countries share their invaluable ideas on consolidating the EACC network based on their experience of trilateral cultural exchange & cooperation.

Reference: East Asian Cultural Cities (2014-2018)

2014: Gwangju – Quanzhou – Yokohama 
2015: Cheongju – Qingdao – Niigata 
2016: Jeju – Ningbo – Nara 
2017: Daegu – Changsha – Kyoto 
*Participants of the EACC Network Forum in underline 
6271a6c2ab41dc6b05297465b0802447_1512457Forum in Progress 
6271a6c2ab41dc6b05297465b0802447_1512457Presentation by Director QIAO Wen 
6271a6c2ab41dc6b05297465b0802447_1512457Group Photo