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SOCI | Women’s Global Economic Conference 2017 was held in Tokyo, Japan – 2017.07.22

Women’s Global Economic Conference 2017 was held on July 22, 2017 in Tokyo, Japan organized by Women’s Global Economic Conference Executive Committee. Ms. ARAKI Yukiko, Director of Conference Executive Committee & Executive Director of HITACHI, Ms. WANG Wan, Friendship Exchange Councilor of Chinese Embassy to Japan, Ms. CHOE Keum Sook, President of Korean National Council of Women and Ms. MURAKAMI Keiko, Vice Mayor of Kyoto City of Japan participated in the Conference. Secretary-General YANG Houlan of Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) led the delegation attended the Conference as an observer. 

At the beginning of Conference, Secretary-General YANG Houlan delivered congratulatory remarks highlighting the significance of trilateral economic cooperation which plays a crucial role of promoting regional integration towards the establishment of East Asian Economic Community. Backdrop to common challenges confronted with the three countries such as population aging, declining birth rates, labor shortage, SG Yang especially put an importance to the empowerment of women on participating in political, economic and social activities. He called for developing a comprehensive cooperation mechanism on trilateral women exchange in multi-level and wide range to bring new vigor and vitality into trilateral cooperation. 

Women’s Global Economic Conference is a trilateral framework among China, Japan and the ROK, inaugurated in 2005, aiming to provide a platform to discuss the significant role of women in advancing sustainable social and economic development of the three countries. This year, under the title of “Learning each other for creating beautiful Asia”, the Conference facilitated two sessions 1) Trilateral economic analysis and environment surrounding women, and 2) Women bridges goods and information- IT, e-commerce, customs. Prominent economists, entrepreneurs, researchers and business men/women shared their insights and experiences on the empowerment of women and business exchange among the three countries.
77bb8b19f52fcbc3010c8b967dd4df49_1501028Congratulatory Remarks by Secretary-General YANG Houlan 
77bb8b19f52fcbc3010c8b967dd4df49_1501028Keynote Speech by Ms. MURAKAMI Keiko, Vice Mayor of Kyoto City of Japan 
77bb8b19f52fcbc3010c8b967dd4df49_1501028Sub-session of the Conference