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SOCI | TCS Participates in Okayama-Jilin-Sungkyunkwan University CAMPUS Asia Consortium’s Kick-off Meeting — 2017.02.10

On February 10, 2017, TCS delegation headed by Deputy Secretary-General UMEZAWA Akima attended Okayama-Jilin-Sungkyunkwan University CAMPUS Asia Consortium’s Kick-off Meeting held in Okayama University, Japan. The meeting convened representatives from the three universities participating in the CAMPUS Asia Program with a program specializing in the Northeast Asian Classics. 

Representatives from Okayama University included Vice President Mr. ARAKI Masaru and Director of Center for Global Partnerships and Education (CGPE) Ms. YAMAMOTO Yoko. Jilin University Director of Office of Global Engagement Ms. ZHANG Guangcui and Sungkyunkwan University Dean of East Asian Studies Mr. JIN Jae Kyo and Dean of Korean Language and Literature Mr. KWAN In-Han also joined the meeting. TCS Deputy Secretary-General UMEZAWA Akima and Deputy-Director Ms. HORIO Taka from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) attended as an observer and delivered congratulatory remarks. 

Through his remarks, DSG Umezawa congratulated the regularization of CAMPUS Asia Program, recognized its significance, and lauded its contributions in furthering trilateral education cooperation. He highlighted the strong partnership between Okayama-Jilin-SKK consortium and TCS, and expressed the Secretariat’s wishes to continue to support all participating consortia and universities.

During the meeting, representatives from Okayama, Jilin and Sungkyunkwan University shared their past progress from CAMPUS Asia program pilot stage from 2011 to 2015. They also discussed the framework for program implementation in the post-regularization of CAMPUS Asia to commence from this year. Through the discussion, the three universities agreed on the need to develop a more responsive student support system as well as on expanding dual and join degree awarding system. 

Okayama-Jilin-Sungkyunkwan CAMPUS Asia consortium will continue its education cooperation activities after the meeting, starting with Okayama University students’ visit to Seoul scheduled for the third week of February.
2a1a5cac54c1a83e552cdc7461e4f348_1487126Group photo of meeting attendees 
2a1a5cac54c1a83e552cdc7461e4f348_1487126TCS Deputy Secretary-General Umezawa Akima delivering congratulatory remarks