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POLI | Secretary-General YANG Houlan Delivered Lecture at the 1st Jeju Lecture Series – 2017.02.09

On February 9, 2017, Secretary-General YANG Houlan delivered a lecture on the theme of “Trilateral Cooperation and Revitalizing Local Economies” at the 1st Jeju Lecture Series organized by the Jeju Peace Institute (JPI). 

SG Yang first introduced the history and the progress of trilateral cooperation among China, Japan and the ROK, as well as the development and functions of the TCS. He also touched upon some major cooperative mechanisms that aim to facilitate exchanges and cooperation among the local government of the three countries. He expressed his hope that the local governments play stronger roles in enhancing trilateral cooperation, particularly in the field of economic cooperation and people-to-people exchanges. SG Yang concluded the lecture by reiterating the TCS’ commitment to promoting trilateral cooperation for regional stability and prosperity as well as the world peace. In addition, he shared his views with the audience on some related topics during the Q&A session. 
eabe6f7da99c9aaedd95f06d9002331c_1486715SG Yang Houlan delivering the lecture 
eabe6f7da99c9aaedd95f06d9002331c_1486715Q&A session of the lecture 
eabe6f7da99c9aaedd95f06d9002331c_1486715Group photo