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304 TCS Annual Reception 2016 in Observance of the 5th Anniversary - 2016.09.01
303 2nd CJK Trilateral Cooperation Idea Competition Awardees visited TCS - 2016.08.30
302 13th Trilateral Children’s Story Exchange in Beijing-2016.08.21-23
301 TCS Participated in the 8th UN Global Compact China-Japan-Korea Roundtable Conference and the 2016 SDGs China Summit – 2016.08.21-22
300 TCS organized the 4th Working Group of Joint Project “Trilateral Cooperation for Improvement of Supply Chain Connectivity (SCC)” in TCS, Seoul – 2016.08.18-19
299 TCS organized the 2016 Young Ambassador Program (YAP) – 2016.08.01-12
298 Secretary-General YANG Houlan delivered Welcoming Remark at Trilateral Cooperation Youth Forum 2016 – 2016.08.12
297 TCS Co-organized the Trilateral Ensemble Exchange by the 2016 East Asian Cultural Cities in Jeju, ROK – 2016.08.11-13
296 UNISDR Director Madame Kirsi Madi Visited the TCS – 2016.07.20
295 Deputy Secretary-General LEE Jong-heon attended the 15th Yellow Sea Rim Economic and Technological Conference held in Yancheng, China – 2016.07.13
294 Sungkyunkwan University Students Visit TCS - 2016.07.12
293 TCS Secretary-General YANG Houlan Attended the Open Forum of the 7th Consultative Meeting on Consumer Policy – 2016.07.08
292 TCS organized the 3rd Trilateral Journalist Exchange Program in Japan, China, and the ROK – 2016.06.27-07.06
291 Deputy Secretary-General UMEZAWA Akima attended the 1st East Asia Economic Partnership Forum held in Tokyo - 2016.7.3
290 Professor JOO Youngha delivered 5th Open Lecture of TCS LOUPE – 2016.06.29